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10 Cute Aesthetics for your Bedroom Makeover in 2024

Dec 04, 2023

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With New Year rearing its head around the corner and the shopping season flourishing, it might be time for an update on your bedroom. Maybe something cute, maybe a tad bit chic, and of course something to put on your Christmas wish list! Of course, your bedroom should be a sanctuary, a place where you can unwind, relax, and find solace after a long day!

Sometimes, our rooms feel a little boring and a little outdated, and they should grow as we grow; they should change as we change; they’re basically the environment that reflects who we are, right? Well, maybe it’s time for that transformation! So, if you’re needing some inspiration on some of the cutest bedroom aesthetics out there, then look no further!

Danish Pastel Bedroom

If you’re wanting something that has a hint of Scandi-vibes but not wanting it to look too clean or too minimalistic, then why not go for Danish Pastel? It’s cute, it’s soft, it’s simplistic, yet at the same time there’s this complex nature to it thanks to the shapes and curves incorporated.

danish pastel aesthetic bedroom decor ideas roomtery

What You’ll Need

How to Achieve the Look

  • Color Palette: This style embraces soft, muted colors like blush pink, mint green, and light blue to create a calming ambiance. Opt for minimalistic furniture in natural wood tones to complement the serene color palette.
  • Texture is Key: Enhance the look by incorporating textures such as woven throws and faux fur rugs, which add depth and warmth to the space. Choose light fixtures with clean lines that provide soft lighting for relaxation.
  • Natural Elements: Decorate with botanical prints or dried flowers in simple vases to bring nature indoors.

So, to sum up this cute bedroom idea, you’ll want to take some Scandinavian influences such as minimalism, so be sure to keep clutter at bay by utilizing storage solutions like floating shelves. In general, you need to have a clean and organized room to truly create this aesthetic because it’s not just about colors, but it’s also about embracing the beauty of tranquility.

Witchcore Aesthetic

If you’re into the idea of escaping into a mythical land where you can let out your inner witch, then look no further! So, the major thing to come out of this cute bedroom aesthetic is the fact that it features elements of nature, mysticism, and even some vintage charm; this style embraces darkness in the most alluring way.

witchcore aesthetic bedroom decor ideas roomtery

What You’ll Need

How to Achieve the Look

  • Color Palette: Opt for deep jewel tones like emerald green, midnight blue, and rich burgundy to set the mysterious tone. Complement these colors with touches of gold or silver accents for an added touch of elegance.
  • Vintage-inspired Décor: Fill your room with antique furniture pieces such as ornate mirrors or vintage trinkets to add an old-world charm. Display dried flowers in glass bottles or showcase mystical tarot cards on your walls.
  • Natural Elements: Incorporate natural materials such as wood and stone for a rustic feel. Hang dreamcatchers made with feathers and crystals above your bed to bring positive energy while adding to the overall aesthetic.

In general, all you need to do is to embrace the allure of witchcraft by infusing your bedroom with elements that evoke mystery, nature, and magic. So, it’s this beautiful combination of dark hues, vintage treasures, and natural elements that create an enchanting ambiance that will transport you into another realm each time you enter your sacred space.

Plazacore Bedroom

Alright, so Plazacore is still a fairly new aesthetic, and while sure, it does focus most on fashion, such as frilly headbands and tweed jackets, even this offers some super cute bedroom ideas, too. So, what’s this style even all about? Well, for starters, this actually combines elements of vintage, retro, and modern design to create a stunning space that is both timeless and trendy. To sum it up nicely, think of Blair Waldorf’s bedroom from Gossip Girl; it’s the perfect example.

plazacore aesthetic bedroom decor roomtery

What You’ll Need

How to Achieve the Look

  • Color Palette: Opt for a neutral color palette as the foundation of your Plazacore bedroom. Use shades of gray, beige, cream, or white on walls and furniture to create a sophisticated backdrop for your design. But of course, some pastels and even some navy blues are going to look gorgeous, too.
  • Furniture: Choose mid-century modern-inspired furniture pieces with clean lines and tapered legs to enhance the Plazacore vibe. Think of it as a way of combining vintage elements mixed with Old Money and, at the same time, a hint of Preppy.
  • Artwork & Decorations: It’s crucial to add personality, so you might want to consider displaying abstract artwork or vintage posters on the walls. This even goes for incorporating statement lighting fixtures such as an angular chandelier or sleek floor lamp.
  • Textiles: Embrace plush velvet in rich jewel tones for curtains and bedding, or throw pillows to add depth and texture to your space- you just can’t go wrong with these since Plazacore is all about cuteness and elegance.
  • Finishing Touches: Complete the look by adding sleek metallic accents through decorative objects like gold-trimmed mirrors or brass table lamps. In general, those soft hints of gold or brass are really going to give come cohesion.

Remember, embrace simplicity while choosing each element for your Plazacore aesthetic bedroom - less clutter ensures a calm atmosphere conducive to relaxation and rejuvenation. Besides, have you ever seen a cluttered elegant space? Probably not.

eGirl Aesthetic Bedroom

Sometimes, the daintiness of Plazacore or the cleanliness or the Danish Pastel aesthetic just doesn’t really cut it. Things need to be bold dark, but at the same time, they need to be cute, just like Sanrio’s Kuromi. This aesthetic isn’t just about fashion; it’s like this gorgeous combination of styles such as Kawaii, grunge, tiny hints of Preppy, and soft goth too.

egirl aesthetic bedroom decor ideas roomtery

What You’ll Need

How to Achieve the Look

  • Color Palette: Start by incorporating bold, contrasting colors like black, pink, and red to create a vibrant atmosphere. Girls don’t only sport black in their room but embrace other colors too, such as neon green and pastel greens, and the list goes on and on. You can even add fairy lights or neon signs for an enchanting touch that illuminates the space in a dreamy glow.
  • Oh, the Edge: Hang up tapestries featuring anime characters or edgy designs to inject personality and artistic flair into the room. This is your room after all, so it needs to reflect you and who you are.
  • Don’t Forget the Softness: eGirls love the softness, their adorable elements, and go crazy for all that’s comfy and kawaii. So, be sure to complete the look with plush velvet pillows, maybe some chain details, and some lacy details in the room that evoke a romantic ambiance. Don't forget small accent pieces like potted plants or digital prints tie everything together.
  • Hints of Pop Culture: Just go ahead and allow yourself to express your creative side through curated artwork on the walls or shelves showcasing pop culture trinkets. This could be some of your favorite anime characters in plushie form, pictures of adored influencers and YouTubers, maybe even bands, honestly, whoever you want. Just some hints (or even loads) are nice to have.

Vintage Aesthetic Bedroom

Transport yourself to a bygone era right in the comfort of your bedroom, a little time machine! So the vintage aesthetic and just all things vintage are giving nods to what’s old.

vintage aesthetic bedroom decor ideas roomtery

What You’ll Need

How to Achieve the Look

  • The Furniture is Everything: Incorporate antique furniture pieces such as an ornate vanity or a distressed wooden bed frame to set the nostalgic tone.
  • Color Palette: Opt for soft, muted colors like pastel blues and pinks for your walls and bedding to add a dreamy touch. The browns from the furniture will really help neutralize the bedroom.
  • Charming Decor: Infuse your vintage aesthetic bedroom with charming decor that stands the test of time. So, you’ll want to go ahead and hang old-fashioned picture frames showcasing sepia-toned photographs or vintage art prints on your walls for an instant blast from the past. You might even want to go ahead and add some finishing touches, like vintage-inspired trinkets, such as porcelain figurines, old books, and classic perfume bottles displayed on shelves or dressers.
  • Layer Up with Textures: So nearly all vintage rooms have plenty of depth; they’re not flat, so you’ll want to layer up in textures within the room. Toss plush velvet or faux fur, throw pillows on your bed, and drape a crochet or woven blanket over it for added warmth. You could even focus on the floor and lay down area rugs with intricate patterns or floral designs that complement your overall theme.

Coquette Aesthetic Bedroom

Elegant and inviting, the coquette aesthetic bedroom exudes an air of sophistication. It’s not quite like Old Money, Preppy, or Plazacore, but you can tell there’s some relationship between the four of them. Soft pastel colors, delicate floral patterns, and vintage-inspired furniture create a whimsical atmosphere that is perfect for those seeking a touch of femininity in the space.

coquette aesthetic bedroom decor ideas

What You’ll Need

How to Achieve the Look

  • Delicate Details: Embrace intricate lace curtains and dainty ruffled bedding to achieve the coquette aesthetic. These small touches add charm and elegance to your room.
  • Vintage Accents: So, this isn’t heavy on the vintage like the vintage aesthetic is; it’s more about small nods here and there. So, you’ll want to think about incorporating antique mirrors, ornate picture frames, or a vintage vanity table with carved wood detailing to enhance the nostalgic feel of your bedroom.
  • Pastel Palette: You’re going to want to stick to soft hues like blush pink, lavender, pale blue, or mint green. These subtle colors will create a soothing environment while maintaining the coquettish ambiance.

In general, when it comes to this beautiful retreat, it’s really about combining elegance with feminine allure.

Kawaii Aesthetic Bedroom

You can’t have a cute bedroom idea blog post without mentioning the Queen herself, the Kawaii bedroom! Honestly, if you love all things anime, Japanese culture, Korean culture, and the cuteness it evokes, then this is hands-down for you. It focuses on all things adorable and charming, so think of Sanrio characters like Hello Kitty, anime plushies, Squishmallows, you name it.

kawaii aesthetic bedroom decor inspo

What You’ll Need

How to Achieve the Look

  • Pastel Colors: You’re most likely going to want to opt for soft pastel shades like baby pink, mint green, and sky blue to set a sweet and gentle tone in your room.
  • Cute Accessories: You seriously just can’t have a Kawaii aesthetic bedroom without the actual cuteness of the accessories. Fill your space with cute plushies, stuffed animals, and other adorable accents that bring joy and playfulness.
  • Fairy Lights or LED: So, this is going to be up to you and what type of Kawaii you’re wanting to go for, whether it’s a more Gamer-focused kawaii bedroom or something more feminine, but both are cute. It’s all really about creating a cozy and dreamy ambiance.
  • Floral patterns: Incorporate floral patterns into your bedding, curtains, or throw pillows to bring nature-inspired beauty into this adorable space.

In general, it’s really about creating a bedroom that radiates sweetness and happiness, and you just simply can’t go wrong with that.

Soft Girl Aesthetic Bedroom

If you want something with a hint of edge but have an eGirl-styled bedroom that is a little too hard for you, then the Soft Girl bedroom aesthetic is going to be exactly what you need! It’s soft and cute like Kawaii, but it’s not overbearing, and there’s some edge to it like Grunge and eGirl, but it’s not too edgy. It’s this beautiful balance that brings out the best of both worlds.

soft girl aesthetic bedroom makeover ideas

What You’ll Need

How to Achieve the Look

  • Color Palette: Soft pastel colors, such as blush pink and baby blue, are the foundation of a soft girl aesthetic bedroom. These gentle hues create a calming atmosphere that promotes relaxation and serenity. But of course, since there’s that little hint of edge, you might want to incorporate tiny elements of dark colors, too.
  • Plush Texture: In general, you’re going to want to go ahead and incorporate plush textures into your soft-girl aesthetic bedroom with fluffy pillows and fuzzy blankets. These cozy accents add depth to the space while providing ultimate comfort.
  • Florals, Florals, Florals: Don't forget to include delicate floral patterns such as wallpaper or even bedding, as both of these can bring a touch of femininity and elegance to the room, enhancing its overall charm.

Vanilla Girl Aesthetic Bedroom

Is your style more on the traditional side? Do you enjoy classic and timeless pieces that exude elegance? Do you want something that’s not too Clean Girl aesthetic and not too Danish Pastel, such as a middle between the two? Well, maybe the Vanilla Girl is perfect for you. This aesthetic embraces soft colors, delicate textures, and feminine touches to create a dreamy bedroom space.

vanilla girl aesthetic bedroom decor ideas roomtery

What You’ll Need

How to Achieve the Look

  • Soft Color Palette: So, first thing first, you’re going to want to opt for light shades of cream, ivory, and beige to create a calming atmosphere in your bedroom. These hues will make your space feel cozy and serene.
  • Delicate Textiles: Incorporate lace curtains or sheer drapes to add a touch of femininity. Honestly, it’s best to just go ahead and layer your bed with fluffy pillows and silky throws for an extra dose of luxury.
  • Vintage-Inspired Furniture: Choose pieces with ornate detailing or curves reminiscent of old-world charm. Look for antique bedside tables or a dainty vanity table to complete the look. You don’t want this to be overwhelming; it’s more about having hints, like hints of vintage, but also hints of modern too. 

So, in general, this is all about creating a tranquil retreat where you can unwind after a long day. The Vanilla Girl is clean, beautiful, and organized, and her bedroom speaks of that. So these are all that you’re going to want to embrace.

Grunge Aesthetic Bedroom

Even though we’re well past the ’90s, it doesn’t mean you can’t live like a grungy teenager did back then. It was all about tattered clothes, flannel shirts, bands like Nirvana, Alice in Chains, and Smashing Pumpkins. It’s not just a style but a lifestyle; it’s how you live. So, if you’re looking to add some of that edge, some of that rebellion, then why not go for this?

grunge aesthetic bedroom decor ideas roomtery

What You’ll Need

How to Achieve the Look

  • Color Palette: This style embraces dark colors, distressed textures, and an overall feeling of dishevelment. It’s not really one specific color; it’s mainly avoiding pastels and just sticking to darker tones like greens, blacks, navy blues, grey, browns, and so on.
  • Get Gritty: So, you’ll want to think about incorporating elements like exposed brick walls or wallpaper with a gritty design. If you’ve ever watched Daria, then her bedroom is a pretty nice example of this.
  • Distress is the Right Mess: Another thing to note is the furniture and decor you add; you might want to consider adding furniture that has a worn-in feel, like vintage pieces or distressed wood.
  • The Decor: Incorporate band posters or graffiti-inspired artwork on the walls for added character. Keep lighting dim and moody by using string lights or industrial-style lamps with exposed Edison bulbs.

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