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Explaining Plazacore Aesthetic Decor: Is It Just the Old Money 2.0?

Dec 25, 2023

plazacore aesthetic room decor ideas

Have you ever dreamt of having a bedroom that screams “opulence”? A bedroom that has elements of that Old Money aesthetic without looking too old? Are you a lover of classic elements from Dark Academia, but do you not want a room that looks too academic? How about a space that has Preppy influences but something that’s not too bright and pink? Maybe you want a minimalistic space without it being too minimalistic, something with a combination of both pastels and neutrals, but does such an aesthetic truly exist?

This combination probably sounds impossible, but it’s far from it since a newer aesthetic has been created: Plazacore. Yes, it has those elegant vintage elements without being too old, it brings in sophistication without being too much, and the color palette is just perfect. So, here’s all the secrets you need to know to create your own Plazacore bedroom!

What is Plazacore?

plazacore aesthetic room decor

What’s In The Picture:

Plazacore is a design aesthetic that focuses on creating an elegant and serene sanctuary in your bedroom. It combines minimalism, functionality, and luxury to create a space that feels both stylish and comfortable. Basically, it’s an aesthetic that pays homage to the Upper East Side of New York City. Think of the Plaza Hotel in NYC and the vibes it gives off because this is most likely where the name comes from. It’s this gorgeous combination of being preppy- but not too preppy, old money- without coming off as too old, but it’s not quite luxury either.

Is Plazacore just the Old Money Aesthetic 2.0?

Needless to say, there are a lot of similarities between Old Money and Plazacore, but to a small degree, there are some subtle differences. Plazacore is a more contemporary design trend that draws inspiration from classic luxury but isn't necessarily tied to a long-standing lineage. It often incorporates modern elements and a more eclectic approach to design, blending timeless elegance with a fresh and current sensibility.

It’s like a combination of old and new but not trendy- the best way to put it. The Old Money aesthetic tends to be more restrained and private; it’s super clean, and personalization is fairly subtle. Plazacore, on the other hand, is more about making a statement and being expressive.

The Most Famous Plazacore Bedrooms

So, Plazacore is all about the gorgeous aesthetics of the Upper East Side. Not every bedroom in the Upper East Side is Plazacore; there needs to be some old charm to it, nothing sleek, nothing modern, and no “new luxury.” So, why don’t we look into the four most iconic Upper East Side bedrooms that perfectly show off what Plazacore truly is?

Blair Waldorf

Blair Waldorf plazacore aesthetic bedroom inspo

It’s Queen B herself, the perfect example of Plazacore, and the perfect example of aged luxury in the Upper East Side. Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl has the best example of what a Plazacore bedroom could look like. This bedroom has been talked about so many times in the series, and it’s known for its elegant and sophisticated design; Blair's bedroom features luxurious fabrics, classic furniture, and a color palette that reflects her fashionable personality.

  • Elegant Color Palette: Blair's room features an elegant and refined color palette. Soft pastels, such as pale pinks, muted blues, and creamy whites, create a soothing and sophisticated atmosphere. These colors contribute to the classic and timeless feel associated with Plazacore.
  • Traditional Furniture: Plazacore embraces traditional and classic furniture styles. Blair's room features a few pieces with intricate details, such as the bed frame, her ornate dresser, and her vintage-inspired vanity chair.
  • Statement Pieces: Her bedroom has a chandelier and a giant canvas of Marie Antionette; need we say more?
  • Organized and Neat Layout: A hallmark of Plazacore is an organized and neat layout. Blair's room is in line with her character's poised and put-together demeanor (when she’s not mad or scheming), and her room is always clean and organized- thanks to her of Dorota, of course.

Jay Gatsby

Jay Gatsby bedroom inspo

Gatsby's bedroom, in the various adaptations of F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel, is often depicted as lavish and grand. It reflects the wealth and extravagance of the Roaring Twenties. There are hardly any examples out there since there have only been two movies, but with this being Jay Gatsby himself, you just know it’s going to be extravagant! Examples of this are from the 2011 movie.

  • Luxurious Furnishings: Gatsby's bedroom would likely feature luxurious and grand furnishings. Plazacore often emphasizes high-quality, elegant pieces that exude opulence. A large and ornate bed, adorned with rich fabrics and elaborate details, could be a centerpiece of the room- it would make the most sense.
  • Rich Color Palette: Plazacore often incorporates a rich color palette, conveying wealth and sophistication. It doesn’t always need to be neutrals and pastels, especially if it’s a man who wants to be a part of the aesthetic. So, Gatsby's bedroom might have deep, sumptuous colors like dark reds, golds, and navy blues, creating an atmosphere of luxury and extravagance.
  • Fine Fabrics and Textures: Attention to detail is a hallmark of Plazacore, and Gatsby's bedroom could feature fine fabrics and textures. Silk drapes, plush carpets, and velvet upholstery might be used to enhance the overall aesthetic.

Paul Varjak- Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Paul Varjak- Breakfast at Tiffany’s bedroom inspo

When you think of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, you most likely think about Holly Golightly and her gorgeous black dress, right? After all, it’s totally iconic and could be considered an extension of Plazacore. At the same time, Holly’s outfits are 100% Plazacore, her apartment- not so much. However, the perfect example of a Plazacore bedroom and apartment in Breakfast at Tiffany’s would hands-down have to be the love interest, Mr. Paul Varjak.

  • Metropolitan Chic: The apartment embodies a blend of modern luxury and urban functionality. Since this was made during the height of mid-century modern furniture, there’s this gorgeous blend of what would have been considered old and new. The contrast between the lines and shapes of ornate decor and mid-century modern furniture is strong.
  • Panoramic Views: After all, Plazacore is all about the Upper East Side, so having floor-to-ceiling windows offering breathtaking views of the cityscape is perfect.
  • Neutral Tones: There are a lot of browns in Paul’s apartment and bedroom, mostly darker tones, which was very common for interiors during this time. Again, Plazacore doesn’t need to be just light neutrals and pastels; it’s usually the most common.

Charlotte York from "Sex and the City"

Charlotte York from

While you could technically say that all the main characters from Sex and the City have Plazacore bedrooms since they all live in Manhattan, that’s not entirely the truth. Charlotte comes from old money, how she dresses, how she acts, and even her apartment show this off. She’s sophisticated and expensive, and there are hints of cuteness, which is the perfect example of Plazacore.

  • Soft Color Palette: Charlotte's bedroom features a soft and muted color palette. Light shades of pastels, creams, and whites dominated the space, creating a serene and calming atmosphere. It’s a stark difference to her friends since the other three have a more colorful palette.
  • Traditional Furniture: Charlotte embraces a more traditional and classic style, and her bedroom definitely reflects this since it’s furnished with elegant, timeless pieces such as a four-poster bed and ornate bedside tables.
  • Feminine Touches: Charlotte's feminine sensibilities are definitely reflected in the decor. Delicate accessories, floral patterns, and subtle, romantic details are incorporated into the overall design.

How to Create a Plazacore Bedroom

Now that you have a solid idea of what a Plazacore bedroom looks like, or what it could look like, now we get to the fun part: creating a Plazacore haven for your room, something beautifully fit to be in the Plaza Hotel!

Establish a Refined Color Palette

plazacore aesthetic color palette

So, it was shown earlier that there isn’t necessarily a set color palette for Plazacore, just core colors that look best. At the end of the day, it’s more about choosing colors that coordinate, something that looks refined and that’s beautifully able to capture the essence of luxury. So, what’s most popular would be opting for soft pastels, muted tones, and classic neutrals. These are the easiest go-to ones.

But of course, you can also choose some rich hues like deep burgundies, regal blues, or emerald greens, which can add a touch of drama if that’s what you like. The key is to create a harmonious backdrop that sets the stage for opulent furnishings and accessories; that’s the goal.

Use Classic Patterns and Details

Plazacore often features classic patterns like damask, toile, or herringbone, so if you’re someone who loves patterns, then this aesthetic is perfect, thanks to that. So, why not introduce these patterns through bedding, curtains, or even through your accent pieces? You could even go a step further and add intricate details, such as tufted upholstery or decorative molding, to further enhance the timeless appeal of the space. If you look at Blair Waldorf’s bedroom above, her room shows a bit of this, which is the perfect example.

Statement Pieces

So, one of the biggest contrasts between the Old Money aesthetic and Plazacore would definitely be the fact that statement pieces are loved in Plazacore and not used nearly as much in Old Money. It’s really one of the best ways to show off your personality. So, whether it's a unique art installation, an ornate headboard, or a distinctive piece of furniture, these elements contribute to individuality while still oozing luxury.

Luxurious Bedding

plazacore aesthetic bedding sets

What’s In The Picture:

Speaking of statement pieces, your bed is going to be the focal point in your bedroom, so why not make this into a statement piece? The design matters; the fabric, and the more pillows and blankets there are, the more comfy it looks!

Opulent Accessories

plazacore aesthetic room accents

What’s In The Picture:

No Plazacore bedroom is complete without opulent accessories. Choose crystal chandeliers to cast a warm glow, gold-trimmed mirrors for a touch of glamour, and decorative items that showcase attention to detail. Vintage-inspired picture frames and candle holders can add a personalized touch.

Don’t Forget Lighting

As mentioned above, you could never go wrong with getting a chandelier; even if you’re on a budget, you can usually find gorgeous ones at the thrift shop for nice discounts. But it doesn’t end there either; you’re also going to want to take a look at other forms of lighting, whether it be little bedside lamps, candles, floor lamps, and so on. Even these can help create the Plaza ambiance you’re after!

Bring a Little Piece of the Plaza Hotel into Your Bedroom

If you Google “Plaza Hotel,” you’re going to see opulence, sophistication, and a clean look- the exact characteristics that Plazacore has. While you don’t need to turn your bedroom into a hotel-styled room that lacks personality, the whole point is to make it look and feel luxurious, your little haven. So, with careful attention to color, texture, and statement pieces, your bedroom can become a sanctuary of timeless elegance — a Plazacore masterpiece that stands the test of time!

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