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How to Create the Perfect Blogger Room That Every Content Creator Dreams About

Jan 16, 2024

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When you watch content creators, regardless of what platform or what type of content they’re creating, one thing is usually prevalent: the background is stylish. You’re probably going to see loads of gorgeous aesthetics, or people just outright showing off their amazing space. 

While some major content creators, whether it be Twitch, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, or even bloggers, will stick with a special office for their content creation, the average one will usually stick to their bedroom. It’s not even about age or success either; the bedroom is comfy, and the bedroom gets it done.

Plus, not everyone has the luxury of having an extra room solely for this. So, with that said, though, is there a way to make your room into a mini content creator’s paradise? Nonetheless, this room needs to reflect you, who you are, and your comfort levels, but it also needs to be the perfect space for fueling your creativity. From aesthetic workspaces to cozy nooks for relaxation, this guide is your key to curating a room that encapsulates both style and functionality.

Different room aesthetics

Aesthetic Considerations to Think About

When designing the perfect blogger room, aesthetic considerations are crucial to creating a visually appealing space that reflects your personal brand. Ideally, you should start by selecting a color scheme that complements your brand and creates an inviting atmosphere. So, if you’re someone who plans on creating dark academia-related content, then you’re going to want your room to match that. It’s not going to make any sense to have a different aesthetic for your room if the one you are focusing on doesn’t even coordinate with the space.

But it might be really helpful to also consider using neutral tones as a base and adding pops of color through accessories such as throw pillows or wall art. Incorporate elements of design that align with your blog's niche. For example, if you have a travel blog, display maps or souvenirs from different destinations on shelves or walls. Incorporate plants into your decor to bring life into the room and add a touch of natural beauty.

Desk items for content creators

The Aesthetic Workspace: Where Ideas Take Flight

Start with the heartbeat of your blogger room – the workspace. You might want to consider embracing the minimalist trend with sleek desks and ergonomic chairs. In general, before you can actually get to the fun part of decorating, you really need to make sure that you’re in a comfortable space to work. Just about every content creator needs a desk; you’ll be sitting there for hours needing to edit, create content ideas, marketing, and maybe even create the content right there!

So, it’s a good idea to just go ahead and opt for furnishings that enhance comfort without compromising style. Consider adjustable standing desks to cater to the dynamic needs of content creators who seamlessly transition between writing, filming, and editing. But you can’t forget about the chair either. 

No matter what type of chair you’re getting, it’s still really going to help to have a cute seat cushion. You could go with something kawaii like a cat paw themed seat, or even a cute daisy cushion if you’re wanting something that blends in. While your audience might not see it, who cares? You’re comfy! So, with that said, it’s time for the decorating!

This is usually an area that the audience rarely ever gets to, as it’s not filmed, or at least the space in front of you. So, technically, you don’t need to think about eye-catching aesthetics. It’s more about decorating it subtly so it works well when you’re working. 

So, for example, you might want a cute butterfly lamp, just for you to enjoy. When it comes to organizing, you could look into a desktop shelf organizer for certain items needed for content creation or even some storage boxes for your desk for small things like note cards, pencils, chargers, and even small devices.

To Sum It Up:

  • Organize with desk accessories: Keep clutter at bay by using desktop organizers, pen holders, and cable management systems.
  • Proper lighting: Illuminate your workspace with adequate lighting, such as task lamps or natural light sources like windows.
  • Wireless technology: Reduce cable clutter by opting for wireless devices like keyboards and mice.
  • Inspiration board or whiteboard: Stay organized by using an inspiration board or whiteboard to jot down ideas or keep track of important deadlines.

Have a Mini Tech Haven

So, you have to keep in mind that here in 2024, technology is the content creator's best friend. Basically, you can’t create any without it (or access it really). So it’s really going to help if you just went ahead and created a tech haven with designated charging stations for laptops, cameras, and other gadgets. This could just be a part of your desk if you wanted it to be; it would make everything more seamless and organized.

Create Ambient Lighting for Illuminating Creativity

For the most part, when it comes to filming or creating the content, the lighting is usually bright. It’s either natural light (which is perfect) or it’s those bright ring lights- which do get the job done. But why not create a vibe? It might help to illuminate your ideas with thoughtfully placed ambient lighting. LED strips around shelves or behind your desk add a contemporary flair, while task lighting ensures that every inch of your workspace is well-lit for focused content creation. But you don’t have to stick to just that, though.

You could also consider playing with color temperatures to set the mood – warm (like an ambient LED corner stand) for cozy brainstorming sessions and cool for intense editing marathons. But this doesn’t have to be it either; if you want something fun for the background (so your audience can see), you could go with a welcome neon sign or any funky sign, for that matter.

To Sum It Up: 

  • Good lighting is essential for creating a functional and inspiring blogger room.
  • Natural light helps to improve focus, boost productivity, and enhance the overall ambiance of your workspace.
  • Position your desk near a window to take advantage of sunlight during the day.
  • If natural light is limited, invest in a good-quality desk lamp that provides ample illumination without causing eye strain.
  • Consider adding task-specific lighting, such as adjustable LED lights or ring lights, for capturing high-quality photos and videos.
witchy room aesthetic

The Dedicated Content Space

Are you filming? Planning to go live? How about taking some photos? This is just as important as your desk because this is what your audience is going to see. So this has to be perfect, this has to catch attention, and it needs to go with your brand.

So, with that said, be sure to create dedicated areas within your room for specific tasks such as photography or video production. You’ll have to allocate enough space for equipment like cameras, tripods, backdrops, and lighting setups while ensuring easy accessibility when needed.

Usually, all of this is done at the desk, but again, it’s about what’s behind you and what’s beside you, as these are the two areas that your audience is going to see. It’s up to you how you want this to look. Still, if you’re not planning on using a green screen, then you’ll need something for your wall, like some tapestries, a gallery wall, a collage of art, ivy hanging down from the ceiling, or basically anything you think is going to complement your content.

wall decor for content creators

Don’t Forget the Wall!

So,  this basically ties in with what was said above. So, if you’re making content in your bedroom, the walls will play a big role, especially the walls shown during the content creation process. Ultimately, it’s entirely up to you what you want for your bedroom. 

If you want inspiration like quotes, go for it; if you want something personal like photos, go for it too (but ideally, don’t show these in your content); if you want decor, go for it too! Like what was mentioned above, just choose something that reflects you but also works well with your brand and the content you’re planning on making.

content creator bedding ideas

Bedding Ideas

So, another thing to keep in mind is that not only is this your bedroom, but oftentimes, the background for content is usually the bedding or your room (or maybe you’ll be incorporating content from the bed like an “A Day in My Life” style blog. While, of course, you should keep your bed comfy, you also need to make this aesthetically pleasing if it’s going to be used in your content.

It might help to just create a visually interesting and dynamic look for your blogger room by mixing and matching different patterns in your bedding. You could consider bringing out gorgeous colors for bedding or even try combining stripes, florals, or odd patterns to add depth and personality to your space. Plus, the general theme of your content could help, too, so if you want to create more luxury-oriented or feminine content, then a marble bedding set would be perfect.

Some other things you might want to consider are:

  • Layer with throws and blankets
  • Add accent pillows that go with your overall brand, like cat plushies if you’re in the kawaii or anime niche or crochet tulips if you’re making cottage core content.
  • Consider statement headboards or even a canopy for making a statement

Soundproofing Solutions are Crucial!

Last but not least, you’re going to have to think about soundproofing. Not just to make your room more comfortable but in the name of your content, too! So, to create a distraction-free environment for content creation, soundproof your blogger room. One effective solution is to install acoustic panels on the walls and ceiling.

These panels absorb unwanted noise, reducing echoes and reverberation in your recordings. Another option is to use heavy curtains or blinds that can help muffle outside sounds. You’ll see a lot of podcasters, Twitch streamers, and YouTubers who will have foam acoustic panels. So you could use these, but if you’re more concerned about aesthetics, then thick, high-quality curtains could work.

Create the Perfect Content Creator Bedroom with Roomtery! 

At the end of the day, this is your bedroom, and it’s really about what reflects you, what makes you feel like you’re at home, and what helps you spark creativity. It’s going to vary for everyone, but whenever you’re decorating your room, no matter what aesthetic, then be sure to use Roomtery! No matter what aesthetic you’re going for, you can count on us to help you create that dreamy look. 

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