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The Only Aesthetic Desk Decor Guide You'll Ever Need

Apr 24, 2024

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When you’re not bed-rotting, are you spending time at your desk instead? For most of us, when we get home from class, there’s something refreshing about being at our own desks. Sure, we were already spending eight or more hours at a desk already, but that’s not the same! The desks in school, even in college classes, just aren’t the same. It’s not like you can decorate them or make them feel like they’re yours.

Whether you’re in your bedroom, your dorm, or even one of the lucky ones that have a home office, just like the surrounding space, the desk should feel like yours. But with that said, it shouldn’t just be functional, but this should also be aesthetically pleasing.

If you’re wanting to romanticize being at the desk, whether it be playing video games, making content, indulging in a hobby, doing homework, or even actually working, then you need to actually enjoy the space you’re in. Specifically, you need to enjoy being at your desk and have something at your desk that gives you a reason to actually like your desk- that’s key.

But where exactly do you even start?
Well, at the end of the day, it’s about what you like, what you want, and what helps you function when at the desk. So, here’s an aesthetic decor desk guide so you know exactly what to do!

Light Academia Desk Aesthetic

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It Starts with Finding the Perfect Desk

So, it’s not all just about aesthetics; you have to think about comfort, too. It doesn’t matter if you have the cutest desk or the cutest decor- if you’re not physically comfortable then you’re not going to even want to be at your desk! Seriously, even with a great computer, it’s just not going to work.

So, with all of that said, when selecting a desk for your workspace, you’ll need to consider the dimensions carefully. Pretty much, space planning needs to be taken into account, which is why you should ensure that it fits comfortably in your room without overwhelming the space. But it should still be more than just this. You need to think about your work habits and storage needs when choosing a desk style.

If you require ample storage for files and supplies, opt for a desk with drawers or shelves. For those who prefer minimalist aesthetics, a sleek and simple design may be more suitable. Remember that functionality is key when selecting the right desk for your workspace.


Y2K Desk Aesthetic

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What Can You Do to Make Your Desk Functional?

Whether you want to achieve a certain aesthetic or not, you still need to make sure your desk is functional—functional first, aesthetics seconds. Honestly, functional desk tools can be pretty aesthetic, so you don’t exactly need to worry about picking one over the other.

If you want an adorable cottagecore-themed desk but you have a lot of stationary that needs to stay organized, well, it’s possible, and there are items out there to help! So, here are a few things that you might want to look into when it comes to a functional desk:

  • Desk Organizer: So these will help keep your workspace clutter-free with a desk organizer that has compartments for pens, paper clips, sticky notes, and more. There’s a lot of options out there, so many styles, colors, materials, so you can count on finding one that matches your aesthetic (or you can DIY too).
  • Cord Box: Cords are not a good look; they might be necessary, but they’re ugly! So why not go ahead and eliminate the hassle of tangled cords with a sleek cord box?
  • Adjustable Desk Lamp: The blue light from your computer will probably not be enough. Even if you’re not typing up a storm on your computer but rather doing some old fashion analog writing, then you’ll still need it. Plus, overhead lighting is harsh. With all of that said you’ll want to ensure proper lighting with an adjustable desk lamp that not only brightens up your workspace but also adds a stylish element to it (we have so many aesthetic lamps, so you can check those out to see if they match your desired aesthetic).

Illuminate with Ambiance in Mind

Speaking of light, let’s dive a bit more into this. The light in your room is going to impact how you feel. Naturally, you should use natural light in the daytime, but once it gets darker, you need to use more than an overhead light. Honestly, I say steer clear of it, not just because overhead light makes everything look cold and sickly, but because it doesn’t seem to be the best for the eyes either.

Plus, strategic lighting choices for your desk setup can easily set the mood and enhance productivity. So you should consider a mix of natural light during the day and task lighting, such as desk lamps or string lights, for added ambiance in the evenings. Experiment with different light temperatures and styles to create a cozy yet functional workspace.

Vintage Aesthetic Desk

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Gadgets to Consider for Maximum Productivity

So, it’s not just your computer that needs to be at your desk; you’re going to probably have a few other things. Again, it’s all about productivity but just making your desk work better for you. With my desk, for instance, is where I keep most gadgets, but for me, it’s to keep everything organized (plus, when I use a gadget like changing my phone, I’m at my desk anyway).

Again, it’s about romanticizing being at the desk, but just making the experience sitting there feel more streamlined- something that gadgets can do! So here are a few you just may want to consider.

  • Wireless Charging Pad: Having a bunch of cords at your desk just isn’t cute, even when you’re charging your phone. So, you can still keep your devices juiced up without the hassle of cords tangling on your desk by getting a charging pad. They look fairly subtle, too.
  • Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse Combo: Whether you’re after a mechanical keyboard or a membrane keyboard, why not make them Bluetooth? The same goes for your keyboard,, too. Again, cords are a cluttered mess—that’s not aesthetic! Plus, they’re a little more adjustable when you want to be in different positions.
  • Dual Monitor Setup: Because two is better than one, you can boost productivity (and multitask) by expanding your screen real estate with a dual monitor setup. Just think about it; you don’t have to switch tabs. Instead, you have one screen for your video games and the other for YouTube, or you can get more monitors for more activities. But keep in mind you’ll need a huge desk for this.

Greenery or No Greenery?

So it’s true that there are studies on how a touch of nature can have a positive effect on your mental health. Plus, most aesthetics can have some greenery in it, and it looks great. But should you have greenery on your desk? Well, it depends. If you do decide to get one, you’re better off considering low-maintenance options like succulents, cacti, or spider plants to liven up your desk without requiring constant attention.

But why low maintenance in particular? Well, unless your desk is right next to a window, some plants can struggle without enough sunlight; same goes for water too. If your desk just lacks sunlight, then you could always go for faux plants.

 Danish Pastel Desk Aesthetic

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What’s the Best Way to Keep Your Desk Organized?

So, unless you’re adamant about having a cluttered desk (like cluttercore), then you’re far better off keeping it organized. Now, if you look on Pinterest, TikTok, or even those Study With Me Influencers on YouTube, you’re going to find such cute desks that are completely organized. Now, these are swoon-worthy, and it’s all mostly due to the fact that these desks are always neat and tidy.

It’s pretty easy to achieve this, too. For example, you can remove unnecessary items from your desk to create a clean workspace. If it’s not meant to be on your desk, then keep it off your desk! Also, you could keep only essential tools within arm's reach, such as pens, notebooks, and your computer.

Another thing to keep in mind is storage solutions. In all of these mood boards provided, you’ll notice that every single one has some form of storage. So, you’ll want to try and invest in desk organizers, trays, or drawers to keep your supplies neatly stored and easily accessible. Utilize vertical space with shelves or wall-mounted organizers to maximize storage.

But it also helps to develop a routine, too; just set some time each day (like the end of the day) to declutter your desk in case things start getting chaotic. The whole goal is to have a fresh start for the next morning.

Cybercore Desk Aesthetic

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How Can You Find the Right Aesthetic?

So, before you start buying things for your new desk setup, you’re going to want to think about the desk decor aesthetics that you might want to achieve. Do you want this to match your bedroom, like cohesion? Do you want this to be a totally different aesthetic? Well, in general, before diving into decor choices, take some time to define your personal aesthetic.

Are you drawn to minimalist Scandinavian designs, or do you prefer the eclectic vibes of bohemian decor? Understanding your aesthetic preferences will serve as a foundation for selecting desk accessories and decor items that align with your style.

The Surroundings are Just as Important

So, when it comes to achieving whatever aesthetic you’re after, you need to keep in mind that it’s not just what’s on your desk. The surroundings themselves also matters- your walls massively help out with keeping that aesthetic alive. This can be wallpaper, murals, art, or just pretty much anything that’s visually stimulating. But these need to speak to your interests and passions.

Whether it's framed prints of your favorite quotes, vibrant posters, or minimalist paintings, choose pieces that inspire and motivate you (but make your room look cute,, of course). There’s nothing wrong with experimenting. You can even make a gallery wall if you want and have the desk be the focal point. Just have fun with this, but again, unless you’re going for a minimalist look, you should definitely spruce up the wall.

Kawaii Desk Aesthetic

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Your Desk Still Needs to be True to You

Finally, don't forget to infuse your desk setup with personal touches that reflect your personality and interests. Again, it doesn’t matters what aesthetic you’re trying to achieve; this desk is in your space, so it needs to be a reflection of you. Who cares what’s trendy or what the influencers are putting on their desk?

What matters is that it feels like yours, and it’s personalized to you. So, whether it's cherished photographs, quirky knick-knacks, or sentimental keepsakes, these personal accents add character and make your workspace uniquely yours.

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