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Aesthetic Bedding Decorating Secrets Complete Guide

Sep 16, 2023

aesthetic bedding decorating secrets and complete guide roomtery

For everyone, no matter the age, your bedroom is going to be your personal haven. It’s forever going to be that number one place that reflects your unique style, who you are, and your entire personality. Honestly, the aesthetic itself doesn’t matter whether it’s Kawaii, Vanilla Girl, vintage charm, boho, or honestly, anything else.

What matters is that this space is filled with items you love, things that make you happy, and a space that reminds you of who you are. But there’s one thing that still matters and that’s achieving that style or that aesthetic you’re wanting. It even goes right down to the bedding, too, because even that can make a significant impact.

So, no matter what aesthetic you’re into, there are some design principles, both of aesthetic bedding- the center point of the room and even the entire room itself. So, here’s what you need to know when it comes to creating this beautiful yet harmonious bedroom that feels like a retreat, a space where you hands-down know is yours, feels like yours, and is an aesthetic dream!

It’s All Going to Begin With Some Color Harmony

Honestly, it doesn’t matter what aesthetic you’re into. Whether you’re into the cottagecore aesthetic, coconut girl, dark academia, or any of them, the most significant design principle that every aesthetic needs to follow is color harmony; no matter your chosen aesthetic, the importance of color harmony cannot be overstated. If you think about it, every aesthetic has a certain color palette. Dark academic is browns, blacks, beiges, and so on.

aesthetic bedding dark color palette

While something like the coconut girl aesthetic will have harmonious colors like blues, sandy tones, and other shades reminiscent of nature.  These are just a couple of examples, but with each aesthetic, all the colors come together in harmony.

aesthetic bedding bright color palette

So, you’re going to want to select a color palette that resonates with your style. For a cohesive look, stick to a few complementary or analogous colors. Experiment with different shades, but maintain a sense of balance. Neutral tones can act as a versatile backdrop, allowing you to introduce pops of color or pattern as desired. In general, you don’t need to match the colors 100% with a certain aesthetic; you can even add your own twist, but overall, it’s still best to follow some general guidelines and make sure that there is harmony with all the colors.

Texture Variety

This is more about the bedding than the entire room in general, but texture adds some fun when it comes to a bed. You can think of texture as adding some depth and visual interest to your bedding. There are aesthetically pleasing bed sets, but you can even mix and match different textures, too, since this can create a more inviting and tactile experience. Just take a look at the ribbed softie bedding set, the soft plush faux fur bedding, or even the kawaii ruffle bedding.

These are just a few examples of bedding, but even the throw pillows, the blankets, and even right down to the plushies are going to matter so much, too. So, just keep in mind that texture not only enhances comfort but also adds dimension to your bedding ensemble- plus it totally helps with getting that aesthetic you’re wanting to capture.

Mix Up Materials

Speaking of texture, why not add some life to the bed (and the rest of the bedroom) with some mixed materials? Honestly, the choice of materials can have a profound impact on the aesthetics of your bedding. You might want to consider combining materials that reflect your style – from the crisp coolness of cotton to the plush warmth of velvet. In general, a blend of different materials can add depth and tactile appeal to your bed, making it a focal point of your room. Just about any aesthetic can greatly benefit you, and you’re not going to “ruin” the aesthetic or style you’re going for, either. Remember, this is a bed; it’s meant to be warm, soft, and comfortable as possible!  

aesthetic bedding guide and inspiration

You Can’t Neglect Layering

Just like texture can help out with creating some depth and visual interest; layering does the same. In a way, most aesthetics welcome layering. Only minimalistic aesthetics, such as Danish pastel don’t allow for much layering. So, just keep in mind that layering is a key element in creating a visually appealing bed. Start with your essentials like fitted sheets and pillowcases. You can add depth by incorporating additional layers such as a coverlet, quilt, or duvet.

Fold or drape these layers creatively to showcase patterns, textures, or colors. You can even go ahead and experiment with the number of layers to achieve your desired level of coziness. In the end, no matter what aesthetic you’re trying to achieve, the whole point is to go for something that makes your bed the focal point of the bedroom but makes your bed feel and look cozy too.

Embrace Pillows and Cushions

Pillows and cushions serve both functional and decorative purposes. Choose a variety of sizes and shapes to create visual interest. For a clean and contemporary look, keep it minimal with a few well-placed pillows. To embrace a cozier aesthetic, pile on pillows of different sizes and textures. Ensure that the pillow and cushion covers complement your overall theme.

Play with Pattern

While not every aesthetic has patterns, a lot do. Just think of the checkered print of the danish pastel aesthetic, the botanic and floral prints of the cottagecore aesthetic, or the unique shapes from any Indie aesthetic. In general, patterns can inject life and personality into your bedding. Whether you prefer stripes, florals, geometrics, or abstract designs, incorporate patterns that resonate with your chosen aesthetic. Play with patterns, but don’t let them be too much “in-your-face”.

You don’t want to overwhelm the space and just like with colors, it’s all going to have to be cohesive too. Balance bold patterns with more subtle ones. Honestly, these patterns can be in the bedding itself, the main purpose, or it can be as subtle as a fluffy throw blanket.

aesthetic bedding decorating guide roomtery

Never Skip On Accessories and Accents

Not just for your bedding but for the entire room, these accessories and accents are going to be one of the biggest assets in creating that aesthetic that you’re going for. You can think of these as providing the finishing touches to your aesthetic bedding. So, when it comes to bedding accessories, it can be decorative throws, embroidered pillowcases, or a bed skirt. But it doesn’t need to be just that. Like, if you’re wanting to have a dreamy Coquette-inspired room, then a canopy is going to be just the thing you need for your bed.

But even the pictures and prints above your bed, the rug below your bed, and even the things on your bedside table are all going to play such a huge part in creating that cozy yet dreamy aesthetic you’re after. Honestly, the aesthetic itself you want can be easily done, but it’s more than just the bed itself; it’s what surrounds the bed too.

Is There Symmetry and Balance?

Unless you’re going for a more maximalist approach where you want it to be chaotic, it’s best to have some sense of symmetry and balance in your bedding design but the entire room, too. This doesn't necessarily mean everything needs to be perfectly symmetrical but aim for a visually pleasing equilibrium.

Place larger or bolder elements strategically, such as a decorative throw at the foot of the bed or larger pillows at the back of the arrangement. It’s the same for the rest of the room too, not just the bed; there needs to be this sense of balance, cohesion, and harmony. This balance is going to basically be what helps set the tone of the room and helps morph your space into this aesthetic you’re after.

How’s the Scale and Proportion Looking?

No matter which room it is, especially the bedroom, there’s going to need to be some proper scale. Not just the entire room itself, but the bed too. You could basically say that understanding the scale and proportion of your bedding elements is fundamental. The whole point- regardless of aesthetic- is for the bed to look and feel harmonious. So, things like pillow sizes and plushies need to complement the dimensions of your bed. You can even experiment with different pillow arrangements, ensuring they neither overwhelm nor get lost in the overall design.

Elevating Your Bedding Design, One Aesthetic at a Time

Designing aesthetic bedding transcends style labels and embraces individuality. The same goes for the room entirely, too. At the end of the day, whatever aesthetic you fall in and out of love with, these design principles can help you out. They work with all aesthetics and all styles for bedding. Whether you're drawn to the simplicity of the soft girl, the eclecticism of the e-girl, or any other aesthetic, these principles will help you create a beautifully designed bed that welcomes you with open arms at the end of each day. Sweet dreams and happy decorating!

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