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Aesthetics Explained: their roots and how reflection on the past eras gave birth to powerful trends

Sep 28, 2021

Aesthetic room decor explanation. How to make your room aesthetic


Aesthetic style, like many trends in modern society, originated in small communities of networks such as Reddit or Tumblr. Many aesthetics (we'll talk about them later) are reflections on styles, subcultures, or even individual characters and films from the past. To express a commitment to one of these styles, people began dressing and filming content that reflected the essence and appearance of their favorite aesthetic. So there was an explosion in the popularity of aesthetic outfits


aesthetic room decor

Later the influence of aesthetics spread not only to outfits but also to the decor of the rooms. This is logical, since people wanted to more and more correspond to the style of their favorite aesthetics.

Room Aesthetics

Over time, the number of aesthetics has grown so much that it is impossible to list them in one article, but here are some of the most popular so far:

Indie Aesthetic

indie room decor

Celebration of individuality and independence. Mix of late 90's and early 2000's outfit style, high saturated filters and spirit of freedom. Indie room decor is based on bright wall photo collages, tapestries, many decor pieces and simple bedding.

You can explore our outstanding article about Indie Aesthetic to better understand the vibe.

Soft Girl Aesthetic

soft girl room aesthetic

The soft girl aesthetic is based on sweetness, femininity and cuteness. Pastel colors such as light green, bubblegum (soft pink), lemon and others are reflected not only in clothes but also in design. These are, of course, voluminous soft bedding, a lot of girly accessories and organizers, cute mirrors and fluffy rugs and throws & cute warm string lights.

The edges of this aesthetic are actually very blurred and it intersects with many others, for example Y2K, Pink or Pastel aesthetics. So it's on your point to decide what aesthetics you really are. 

Cottagecore Aesthetic

cottagecore aesthetic room decor

Imagine yourself lying in the middle of a wheat field or on a haystack somewhere in a village. You don't care about anything and you can devote yourself entirely to reading books or relaxing walks, picking wildflowers in a wicker basket. This kind of atmosphere is conveyed by cottagecore aesthetics. It romanticizes the simple life living in the countryside.

It is expressed in lace light dresses made of natural fabrics, braided and handmade accessories. The decor is mainly brown shades of wooden shelves, knitted bedspreads, embroidered pillows, vintage style mushrooms and wildflowers tapestries, dried flowers and warm diffused sunlight.

Dark Academia

dark academia aesthetic room decor

This aesthetic based on European culture and the pursuit of knowledge. Its adherents read classics, strive to look like students at Oxford University and spend their evenings in philosophical conversations - in general, they try to be like students of a university novel. It is easy to recognize a representative of the "dark academy" by a cardigan, tweed pants and a vintage briefcase in dark brown and shades of gray.

In decor, this style is similar to cottagecore and is distinguished by vintage furniture, old books on wooden shelves, wall collages and candles.


As we said before, it's not easy to describe all existing aesthetics in one article. Here is a list of equally popular ones:

  • ALT
  • E-Girl
  • Vintage
  • Grunge
  • Soft Grunge
  • Y2K
  • 90's
  • 80's
  • Emo
  • Femboy
  • Light Academia

And many many more! We will strive to tell you about all of them as each is unique and sometimes has very deep roots.

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