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Indie Aesthetic Room Ideas

Oct 17, 2021

indie aesthetic room decor indie room ideas

Most indie aesthetic room TikToks can be terrifying and frustrating for anyone struggling to replicate the style in their own room. A huge number of different decor items, posters and stickers won't give you a chance to figure out where to start. Here are some easy steps to bring your room to indie.

What Is Indie Aesthetic?

The word "indie" stems from the idea of individuality and independence. In terms of aesthetics, this applies to the media you watch, and how you express yourself. Oversized jeans, large hoodies, small shirts in bright acid colors, checkered patterns and some other skater lifestyle attributes. Originally Indie style didn't include such bright colors and was more alternative.

How To Make Your Own Indie Room?

The general idea is to have many contrasting colors and prints that are all complete for your attention, but together create really unique aesthetic style to your room. Here're few tips that will dramatically change your room style in minutes:

#1 Posters, CDs and Vinyls

It doesn't matter what color the walls are in your room - the main tone can always be set with poster and postcard wall collages. Add painted CDs and raw vinyl records and you're almost done with the walls!


indie aesthetic wall decor
indie aesthetic wall collage


#2 Indie Lighting 

During the day, it will be great to use all kinds of light prisms or light catchers. This will fill up your room with rainbow glare. In nighttime you can use LED light strips to enhance the atmosphere:

aesthetic led light strip


#3 Indie Bedding & Throws

Your bed can be great accent of indie room. It can be cow print pattern, simple grid or mushroom printed. Your linen can be also plain colored accented with some toys and pillows.

indie aesthetic room bedding and throws

#4 Indie Decor

To finalize your indie room look you can add some small decorings like garlands, mirrors, tapestries etc.

butterfly wall decor indie room

indie aesthetic mushroom string light  

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