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How To Create a Preppy Aesthetic Room

Jun 26, 2022

preppy aesthetic room decor ideas how to make preppy room

Whether you are a girl who attends a private university or preparatory school or not, you may desire to turn your room into a preppy aesthetic room. This is the rage, as it provides a very unique, stunning look that will truly make you feel great every time you walk through the door.

What Is a Preppy Aesthetic Room?

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, the preppy aesthetic is a new culture developing in America that is associated with private universities or preparatory schools. Over the years, this is often become associated with the way one talks, dresses, vocabulary used, mannerisms, and other similar traits that are associated with one's upbringing.

preppy aesthetic room decor inspo roomtery

However, preppy aesthetics has now moved beyond the individual and into their living space. This is commonly seen at places like New England prep or East Coast prep, where items and displays frequently found in the New England area are used in one's room. This could include such things as ships, lighthouses, or whales.

For those at Southern Prep, there is a greater focus on warm-weather items, such as monkeys, palm trees, zebras, and beaches. No matter what area of the country you may live in, there are definitely features that can help create your preppy aesthetic bedroom.

How to Turn Your Room into a Preppy Aesthetic Room?

The great thing about the preppy aesthetic room is that you do not need to go to a prep school or university to choose this look for your bedroom. It is easy to design, and here are five products you want to include for your preppy aesthetic room:

Room Décor Ideas

It starts with the room décor ideas. There are several excellent options out there, from Danish pastel, witch, and Indie, just to name a few. Each of these provides a unique look that would help set the tone for what you want your room to feel like.

Preppy Posters

Just add them. No questions.

preppy aesthetic wall posters roomtery

Pink Leopard Furry Accent Rug

You want your room to have the best look from top to bottom, and this great rug would look ideal on your floor. It will truly stand out, and it feels good on your feet as well.

preppy aesthetic pink leopard accent rug

Flowerpot Table Lamp

A lamp does not just have to be functional. You clearly want the right amount of light in your room, but you also want to take on that tremendous preppy aesthetic feel. This is where this beautifully designed flowerpot table lamp can be a great choice.

preppy aesthetic flowerpot table lamp roomtery

Zig Zag Fringe Duvet Cover Set

Like a lamp, your bedding is as much about functionality as it is about look. This is why this Zig Zag duvet can be a fantastic option for you. It has a great design on it that is fun and hot, but it also feels very comfortable and will help to provide you with a great night's sleep.

preppy room aesthetic bedding

Pineapple Fairy String Lights

One of the things you are going to find that is quite common in the preppy aesthetic genre is the use of different types of lighting. The flowerpot lamp was shown earlier, but many desire lighting that adds a certain mood and look to the room beyond functionality. This Pineapple Fairy string light is one such example. It not only looks good but provides a unique feel to your room as well.
preppy aesthetic pineapple string lights roomtery

These are just a few of the great options out there to really capture the preppy aesthetic room look you desire. You can find out more by browsing further through our preppy aesthetic decor collection.

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