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Aesthetic Wall Decor Ideas

Sep 19, 2022

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Aesthetics have become popular over time with the rising trend of Instagram and TikTok over the past few years. The great thing about having an aesthetic style is that it is effortless to achieve even with DIYs and maintains a personal style and touch also it does not require a complete bedroom overhaul making it easy and within the budget. Ready to hop on the aesthetic bedroom train? Let’s explore a few trends below.

A Wall Full of Collage

That’s one inexpensive and easy way to add some aesthetics to your bedroom! You can add your art, printed photographs, magazine clippings, or anything that sparks joy in you. Just add a consistent color theme to keep it from appearing less chaotic. You can add a frame or you can keep it frameless the call is yours! 

aesthetic wall collage decor set roomtery
You can also go with preselected ready to use wall collage sets.

Hang Up a Tapestry

If you are seeking to add a cozy touch to your wall then nothing is better than hanging a tapestry! Patterns like mandalas, geometric shapes, or florals can be your top choice. If you are into manifestations, astrology, and the spiritual world then anything related to that can add to an extra kick in the vibe of your bedroom.
aesthetic tapestries wall hanging decor roomtery
Also, tapestries are easy to roll up and change and also don’t take much storage space.

Add Some Lightning

For an ultra-soothing vibe, you can always combine LED strip lights and fairy string lights! You can let them hang or place them on a wall or use them around the whole room for an effect that is magical. You can even add a sunset lamp projector that will change the whole vibe of the room with just one tap. Many lamp projectors come in a different colors so that you can switch them as per your mood. Layered lighting is always a classic addition to any space and adds to the ambiance. Salt lamps and lava lamps are also popular choices.

aesthetic wall lighting sunset lamp projector roomtery

Macramé and Boho Décor

To give your bedroom a grounded yet peaceful look you can always incorporate boho vibes! You can add macramé wall hangings, mirrors that are adorned with jute detailing, and boho art prints on your wall. Add Earthy tones and eclectic designs to give the whole vibe.

macrame wall hanging aesthetic room wall decor roomtery

All of these boho décors will give your bedroom wall a peaceful aesthetic.

Planters & Hanging Plants for Fresh Air

If you are someone who loves nature then having planters or hanging plants will make your room look effortless and also add a fresh air. Use Eucalyptus if you want to decorate your room and add a fresh and soothing smell. From leafy monsteras to hanging succulents the choices are endless.

aesthetic room decor wall hanging glass vase planter roomtery

You can provide a pop of bold color, unique textures, and organic shapes that will add to your bedroom aesthetics and look perfect with your existing furniture. You can also use faux vines as they are a popular pick for many.  

Add Some Shelves to Showcase Your Finds

If you want to fill up your wall but in a useful way, you can always add shelves. You can add it with the finds that are close to your heart and keep your space decorated or you can decorate your essentials in such a way that it all looks aesthetic. Even adding such a small shelf detailing will add perfectly to your space and enhance the whole room. 

Cute Neon Signs

Neon signs add to a retro accent and are perfect for an aesthetic décor! You can snag a cute neon sign on your wall in an aesthetic and cute color. You can pair it up with other retro-styled décors such as baskets, tables, chandeliers, classic taper candles, and a retro disco ball.

aesthetic wall hanging decor cute neon signs wall lighting roomtery

Neon signs come in alphabets, shapes, and even pictures so you have a wide range to choose from.

Snag Some Pretty Prints

You can let your artistic side shine by adding some pretty prints to your wall! Browse through your Pinterest or Etsy and you can get some cute prints for even low bucks. The prints are usually designed in such a way that they look color coordinated and will match any wall. You can even add stickers on your wall that are made of PVC foil. If you are into pop art such prints are perfect!

aesthetic wall decor canvas wall art print aesthetic posters roomtery

Aesthetics are all about appreciating beauty and art. With these eight ways of aesthetic wall decor, you will get the décor of your dreams and your whole room look will be entirely get transformed!

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