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How to Achieve the Bold Maximalist Aesthetic in Your Bedroom

Mar 05, 2024

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Are you someone who just adores unapologetic extravagance? Good, more is not just more—it's everything! If this sounds like it’s up your alley, then chances are you’ll fall head over heels for maximalism; this aesthetic is super Gen Z and totally counteracts the boring minimalism movement and the whole sad beige nonsense. When it comes to the maximalism aesthetic, you can expect that this is a canvas waiting to explode with color, texture, and personality.

Just picture this for a moment: walls adorned with eclectic art, layers upon layers of luxurious fabrics, and an explosion of patterns that dance harmoniously—or perhaps unapologetically clash—with one another. In the world of maximalism, there are no rules, only endless possibilities waiting to be explored. There are some aesthetics that do take a nod to the maximalism aesthetic, like cottagecore (where the clutter itself is endearing), but maximalism is heavier. So, do you want a maximalist bedroom? Do you want your space to ooze the maximalism aesthetic?

Well, if you're ready to inject some fearless flair into your sleeping sanctuary, then here is everything that you need to know! Get ready to embrace the chaos, unleash your creativity, and transform your space into a maximalist masterpiece that's uniquely yours. Let's dive in!

maximalism bedroom setup

Is Maximalism Aesthetic and the Cluttercore Aesthetic the Same?

Are they the same? Are they not the same? Honestly, there are so many clashes with aesthetics it’s easy to see why you’d think they’re exactly the same. While both maximalism and cluttercore aesthetics embrace abundance and an eclectic mix of elements, they're not 100% the same, but there are some similarities. Maximalism often involves bold colors, patterns, and textures, creating a visually rich and vibrant space. It celebrates excess and is about filling a space to its fullest potential without concern for traditional design rules.

On the other hand, cluttercore, as the name suggests, embraces clutter and the lived-in look. It's about intentionally incorporating everyday items, sentimental objects, and even a bit of messiness into the design to create a cozy, nostalgic atmosphere. While maximalism can incorporate clutter as part of its aesthetic, cluttercore specifically focuses on the beauty of chaos and imperfection.

Still, sounds confusing? Well, think of it this way: maximalism leans towards a lavish, extravagant aesthetic, while cluttercore celebrates the charm of clutter and the comfort of a space that feels lived-in.

maximalism aesthetic color palette

Start Off By Curating a Colorful Wonderland

So, for starters, you need to keep in mind that maximalism reigns supreme in this creative space, where bold design choices are celebrated and encouraged. Seriously, you’re going to want to say goodbye to bland neutrals and hello to a riot of color that awakens the senses and sparks joy in every corner. So if you’re into the Clean Girl Aesthetic, Vanilla Girl Aesthetic, or prefer the calm yet funkiness of the Danish Pastel Aesthetic, then this one might not be for you (unless you want to tone it down and go for Cluttercore instead).

Basically, you want to add anything and everything that you can; there’s no color that isn’t allowed, so from dazzling wall murals to eye-catching accessories, each piece adds its own touch of magic to create a truly one-of-a-kind oasis that dares to defy convention. Seriously, any color! While the picture above shows some examples, these are merely examples; there’s no real set color palette with the maximalism aesthetic.

maximalism pattern collage

Embrace the Power of Pattern Play

So, for this one, you’ll want to release your inner artist! So, you need to keep in mind that this aesthetic embraces vibrant colors, bold patterns, and luxurious textures to create a space that is uniquely yours. When it comes to patterns, again, there are so many rules like there are for other aesthetics. You can incorporate a mix of patterns, from floral butterflies to geometric prints, for a visually stimulating look that will make a statement in any room.

Don't be afraid to layer different patterns together – experiment with mixing stripes with polka dots or botanical prints with abstract designs. Embrace maximalism by incorporating an abundance of decorative elements, from throw pillows to wall art, creating a sensory overload that will keep your eyes dancing around the room. What if they just don’t match? So what! That’s probably the whole point! 

maximalism aesthetic room decor layering textures

Mix and Match Furniture and Textures

When it comes to mixing and matching textures (especially from furniture and decor), again, there are not really any rules, but the more layers and the more contrasting, usually the better. So think of it this way: having a fuzzy rug that contrasts with an industrial bedside table or having velvet bedding that contrasts with hardwood floors. 

When it comes to soft textures, it’s pretty easy as it’s plush, velvet, and other soft feelings, while hard can mean design (like marble or checker), but it can also mean the physical item like something made of wood, plastic, glass, or even metallic colors too. Usually, this one doesn't require too much thought. 

Play with Eclectic Art and Decor

We’ve been stating this on and on, but we really want to just hammer on how maximalist bedrooms are all about breaking boundaries and expressing yourself unabashedly through design. When it comes to aesthetics, yes, it’s all about your own take, but there are some design rules. While maximalism literally throws out all of these! 

So go ahead and let your imagination run wild as you transform your space into a theatrical masterpiece filled with personality and flair. If you want a book lamp, then have at it, even if it doesn’t appear to flow with the mushroom vase you got to. Everything flows with maximalism. Just choose whatever you want; the obscure design will allow everything to flow naturally. 

Don't Be Afraid to Overload on Accessories

Don't be afraid to overload on accessories when it comes to achieving the big and bold maximalism aesthetic in your bedroom. By going all out with accessories, you can transform your bedroom into a luxurious oasis that reflects your love for decadence and extravagance. But what type of accessories should you go for? 

Anything and everything! If you have sentimental pieces that show those off! If you have art pieces you’ve made or bought, then why not display those? Have a crystal collection? Show it off, too! Just remember that more is more, so an overload is good (just make sure you can still function properly in your space, though). 

statement pieces for maximalism aesthetic room decor

Incorporate Bold Statement Pieces

Now, you have to keep in mind that maximalism is basically an unapologetic, extravagant aesthetic. When it comes to everything aesthetic, there needs to be at least one statement piece; now, when it comes to maximalism, you can have as many statement pieces as you want. So, what exactly is a statement piece? It’s usually a piece that’s going to bring the most attention; for a lot of bedrooms, it’s usually the desk or the bed itself.

But when it comes to maximalism, if you want every part of your bedroom to have a statement piece, seriously, just go for it! What you see above is just some examples, but this could be your bedding, like the bedding or pillows, but it could be the walls, like filling them with posters and neon lights; your desk can have wild accessories like a shell seat cushion,  the ceiling having strawberry lanterns, if you want the wallpaper to go for it, some wacky lighting (even LED strips) can get the job done, and the list could keep doing on and on!

maximalism aesthetic wall decor ideas

Create a Gallery Wall of Personal Treasures

When you were a kid, did you make collages for your wall? Did you use it to print out images or even cut pictures from magazines? It’s something that was super 90s and was even popular up to the 2010s. Well, those collages were super maximalism, so if you wanted to spruce up your walls, then, by all means, go for it! But if you’re wanting the chaos of a collage but something a bit more clean, then a gallery wall might be what you need. 

When it comes to a gallery wall, you’ll want to mix different sizes and types of artwork, posters, or something more personal, such as photographs from travels or family portraits, alongside vintage finds or handmade pieces for a truly unique look. 


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